Workplace Security Tips

Protecting your workplace involves more than just having an alarm system. There are important proactive steps you can take to greatly enhance security in around your office space.

Key Control. Have a key control program. Limit keys and access codes to “need-to-have” employees. Have them sign for keys and codes. Ensure keys are turned in prior to the employee separating. Change codes after employees separate. Replace corresponding locks if a key is lost or not returned. Take inventory of keys at least annually, or more frequently if you have high personnel turnover.

Access Codes. Limit access codes to essential personnel. Ideally, don’t issue the same code to multiple employees. Have them sign for codes. Disable codes immediately when personnel separate. Change and reissue codes periodically.

Security Plan. Have a Company Security Plan. Conduct security briefings to all employees at least annually, and more frequently if you have high employee turnover. Provide a security orientation to new employees. At each workstation, office, bay, etc., place emergency “cheat sheets” that are readily visible and contain instructions on what to do in various emergencies.

Safe Rooms. If possible, establish lockable “safe rooms” where employees know to go in the event of an emergency such as a robbery or active-shooter situation. Designate shelter locations for use in case of a tornado. Ensure employees know each location.

Challenge Strangers. Train people to challenge strangers who may be in areas where only employees should be. If you have a large facility with many employees, use an ID badge system to designate employees. Require issueing of a distinctive Visitor badge to visitors for easy identification.

Consult an Expert. Each business has its own unique security requirements. Consult the security experts at TX Security Dynamics to assess your situation and develop a security system to protect your business. Call them today at 210.494.1964 and ask for your free security system quote.